5 Ways To Simplify Your Wedding
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5 Ways To Simplify Your Wedding

5 Ways To Simplify Your Wedding

With no end in sight to the scaled-down weddings of 2020, we wanted to offer some advice to nearlyweds based on the weddings we’ve attended over the past 12 months. Because while a small, simple wedding may not have been what you had initially planned, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a spectacular day to remember.

Set The Scene

Even under the tier system, many areas restricted weddings to a maximum of 15 guests (your photographer isn’t included in this number), so you might want to reconsider that sprawling country manor for your special day. If you have to hold a more intimate celebration, why not lean into that by choosing a smaller venue that better meets your needs?

From garden gazebos to stately registry offices, some of the most memorable weddings are those that are slightly out of the ordinary.

Plan A Weekday Wedding

Usually, an invitation to a weekday wedding is met with collective groans as guests are forced to juggle work and family commitments. However, with 2021 weddings restricted to your nearest and dearest, why not opt for a weekday and save a little money in the process.

Mid-week weddings not only open up more availability, but you’re also less likely to cross paths with other newlyweds on either side of your ceremony.

Get Creative

Wedding paraphernalia can be incredibly expensive, and with many specialist stores currently closed, you’re not able to see the potential options in person. Instead of blindly ordering online, why not get creative with a little DIY?

From making your own bouquet to creating table centrepieces, hands-on crafts can be a great way to unwind and give your wedding day a more personal touch.

Have Your Cake And Eat It

Those big, multi-tiered wedding cakes are stunning to look at in the magazines, but on the day the cake is devoured so quickly that you really don’t get a chance to enjoy it. Instead, why not opt for a cake that is better suited for your paired down wedding party?

With a smaller cake, you can let your imagination run wild without the price tag to match. We’ve seen a few fantastic options over the last few years, including a cheese cake (of the savoury kind), his-and-hers cake, and even a gravity-defying cake.

Ditch The Formalities


An intimate wedding is a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to any of the traditional aspects that you’re not entirely on board with. Whether you want to make your vows more reflective of you as a couple, the groom wants to wear trainers, or you want to walk down the aisle to a song that’s an “in-joke” – now’s the time.

Your wedding should always be a day that reflects you as a couple, but often this gets lost in traditionalism. Without Great Aunt Mildred there to judge, embrace the chance to put your unique stamp on your special day.

If you’re planning a simple wedding in Essex, I’d love to help you capture every moment. Get in touch with me today for an initial consultation.

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