Top 10 Tips For A Simple Wedding
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Top 10 Tips For A Simple Wedding

Top 10 Tips For A Simple Wedding

You’ve dreamed of your special day since you were a child. You’ve researched, planned and saved the date, only for it all to be dashed. For many prospective brides, the thought of planning or re-planning a wedding is almost too much to bear during these tumultuous times.
We know that many of you are facing the uncertainty of a 2021 wedding, so we talked to newlyweds to find out how they managed their big day and what tips they’d give to other couples. The feedback was overwhelmingly to keep it simple. The more elements there are to your wedding, the more there is to reorganise if another lockdown hits. This year it’s all about lowkey, intimate weddings focusing on quality over quantity.
So, here are the Top 10 Tips For A Simple Wedding in no particular order.

1. Consider A Mid-Week Wedding
In normal times, midweek weddings can be more trouble than they’re worth as you rely on your guests being able to arrange time off. However, seeing as it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed any more than 15 people under the new tier system, this isn’t a problem.
Not only will a midweek wedding save you money on everything from the venue to your catering, but you’re likely to have more options available too, as you won’t be competing for those in-demand weekend dates.
Top tip: Consider making one of your ‘guests’ a photographer and videographer so you can share excerpts of your wedding with extended family and friends.

2. Rethink Your Venue.
With weddings in 2021 set to be intimate affairs, make the most of not having to splurge on a large venue. Registry offices offer the most convenient solution, and many are located in beautiful buildings​. Alternatively, why not hold your reception outdoors in the garden of a ​countryside pub​? Not only will you get to enjoy the view, but you can arrange catering as well, all while supporting a local business hit hard by the pandemic.

3. DIY Bouquets
As any soon-to-be-bride knows, the moment you attach the word “wedding” to an item, it increases in price. Why not create your own bouquet using flowers purchased directly from your local florist, or even from the supermarket! There are plenty of tutorials online to get you started – you never know, you might even discover a new hobby!

4. It’s A Piece Of Cake
Another great tip from one of our brides is not to overcomplicate your wedding cake.
“The cake is such a small part of your day but can cost hundreds of pounds. Instead of going for a multi-tiered traditional wedding cake, ask for a ‘naked cake’ and top it with flowers from your bouquet.”
Not only will this option save you money, but there’s so much less that can go wrong. Simple and elegant is always the better choice, and your wedding cake is no exception.

5. Choose A Special Fragrance
Fragrance is an area where quality over quantity comes into its own. Instead of focusing on chair decorations, the font of your invitations and other elements that have no long-term impact, take the time to decide on a special scent for the day.
We recommend choosing a perfume that isn’t in your daily collection, so when it’s worn, it evokes memories of your wedding day. Opt for a classic fragrance that isn’t likely to be discontinued in the future. Not sure where to start? Try our ​Fragrance Finder​ to get you on your way.

6. Let Your Natural Beauty Shine
Don’t rely on a makeup artist for your big day. Instead, save time, effort and money by going for a more simple, understated look.
“I heard of so many horror stories of makeup artists getting stuck in traffic or just not understanding the bride’s style. In the end, I asked my sister to do my wedding makeup. She knows what I like, and we were able to do lots of trial runs before the big day.”
French women are the queens of pared-down chic makeup, so follow their example by accentuating your eyes or lips. Read more about how to achieve the look ​here​. Treat yourself to a gorgeous new ​lipstick​ or ​mascara​ to seal the deal; it ​is​ your wedding day after all!

7. Prep Your Skin
The key to simple, natural wedding makeup is to start with a great canvas. So, if youre not already, begin a skincare routine tailored to your unique complexion.
You’ll be amazed at the difference that a new skincare routine can make, even if you only start a few months before your wedding. Make sure you’re using a quality ​cleanser and ​moisturiser​ daily, and use an ​exfoliator​ to revive tired, lacklustre skin or uneven tone. You can also find products specific to your skin type in our handy ​Skincare Finder​.

8. Ditch The Meringue
When it comes to weddings, the dress is a focal point; there’s no denying it. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that bigger isn’t always better. As countless A-listers have shown us (Keira Knightley, Kate Moss and Meghan Markle to name just a few) a simple yet stunning dress is the way forward.
Don’t spend your wedding day battling with a long train, layers of tulle or a restrictive corset. Instead, opt for clean lines, a flattering cut and, most importantly, something that makes you feel fabulous.

9. Forget The Pomp And Circumstance
It’s a little scary to think how much time and effort goes into planning the more traditional wedding aspects. Seating arrangements, table centrepieces, the order of speeches… the list goes on!
Ask yourself whether these formalities are important to you and, if not, forget about them! Some of the best weddings we’ve attended have been free-flowing, without rigid timetables or layouts. It makes for a much more relaxed day for everyone involved.
“I spent weeks fretting over table plans, but in the end, people sat where they wanted to the moment the meal had finished. Honestly, don’t waste your time!”

10. Don’t Miss Your Hen Night
We may not be able to gather in numbers, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on a little pre-wedding bonding with your best gals. Instead of the usual pub crawl, invite your friends to a VIP Zoom Hen Do and send a list of supplies they’ll need for the day (i.e. wine).
You might also want to consider sending out ​pamper packs​ that you can enjoy together from the comfort of home. Better yet, rope in a friend to do the organising for you!
We think you’ll agree that while you might not be able to have the grand wedding you’d dreamed of, it needn’t mean you miss out. There are plenty of ways to make your special day every bit as wonderful while keeping it simple. And when all is said and done, remember that the wedding is just one day, being married to someone you love is the real celebration.

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